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Adopted Pegasi

Well, here are the following Pegasi that I adopted, I know there aren't many, but I'm still in the process of getting some of them. So don't think this page is done!!

Name: Scorpio
Age: Yearling
Mate: He "claims" he doesn't want one

Name: Francessca
Age: Yearling
Quest: to travel the universe

Name: Athena
Age: (undefined)


Name: Basilio
Age: yearling

Name: Eliki
Age: Adult

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The "Mystery" Egg

The egg below is an egg that I got at the Egg Agency. If you have heard of this Adoption Centre before, you know that the hatchling inside the egg is a mystery. I decided to post it on my Adopted Pegasus page because I think it is a Pegasus. But if not, expect this to be moved soon!

Click to visit "The Egg Agency"

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