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Leave your world of
troubles and worries
and enter...
*AquamarineAngel's Fanartsca World*
...You have arrived!


  Hello, my name is AquamarineAngel. But, I am not an angel! Can you guess what I am? I am a Pegasus! Yes, I live in a faraway magical place called Fanartsca. It is a world full of Unicorns, Dragons, Pegasus', and the evil Gremlins. Yes, we do not just live in a world of pleasure, we do have enemies. The Gremlins also have allies from another world called Wernesties. And they are far beyond evil. We are in the middle of a war between the 2 sides. Somehow, the Wernesties have found a way to teleport to our land, so now it is up to us Unicorns, Dragons, and Pegasus' to save Fanarstca!

  I think I have not fully described myself yet though, so I will take the pleasure in doing so now. I am a Spiral Pegasus, the most powerful breed of Pegasus. I have white fur, silver hooves, a silver mane, anda silver tail. My wings are also silver with gold streaks that shine when I fly. My eyes are like beeds, the color of crystals, and I have an amulet I wear around my neck that a young girl gave to me when I visited Earth. She said I looked like an angel and reminded her of the Ocean. She gave me the name AquamarineAngel. If you want more information about me, visit this page.

  The dark Gremlins stole her and killed her one day as when I brought her to my world. It was a huge mistake I regret to this day... I dedicate this website to her.

There have been some problems with my computer, so updates have been a little slow lately. I'm going to get it fixed, so don't fret! Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.

Soar to a new magical
place in Fanartsca!

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