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Win an Award!

Okay, you might've visited my awards page (if not you can go there by clicking here), and wondered if I offered any awards to people with good pages. Well, the long waited for awards are now here. I offer five types of awards! Keep reading to find out more.

Now, before you scroll down to where the awards are (might as well read this while the graphics are loading), you have to read the Overall and General Rules for all and any of the awards that I offer:
1. Must be a personal homepage
2. If you have midi, there has to be a "stop" option
3. No bandwidth stealing- if you have multiple sites with different direstories, let me know!
4. Java applets that crash my browser or take over 5 minutes to load
5. Your site must take less than 10 minutes to load- I have a lot of sites to look at and I like to work quickly... that doesn't mean I'm not thorough, though!
6. No broken links
7. All graphics must work- meaning I don't want to see any of this:

Um... okay that's about it. You may proceed!

First of all, I have awards for general overall webpages. These are the gold page award, silver page award, and the bronze page award. Here are the requirements for each of them-

The Gold
Interesting text, great graphics, atleast 7 subpages, atleast 5 links, super site design, and most IMPORTANT of all- it can't bore me.
The Silver
A reasonable amount of text, some graphics, 5 subpages, and some links.
The Bronze
Text, 3 subpages, and links.

More Awards!

The Graphics Award

Rules for the Graphics Award
1. NO bandwidth stealing
2. All the graphics must be uploaded to your server
3. You must have had made some of the images yourself
4. I must think the graphics as interesting and catching to the eye (of course)

The Creativity Award

The next award is one that I give to those who's site is so unique to its kind, that it deserves a special award. These sites should have a piece of the creator in it that I would like so much that I would come back again and again!
You will notice below that it is a personalized award.

The Love and Peace Award

This award is one that I give to sites that show extreme amounts of love and general peace moods that I would notice as I entire their realm. That is basicly the only requirement for this award.

The Unicorn Love Award

I think the name of this award speaks for itself! Also, this award is also personalized.

So you think you have what it takes to win one of my awards? To try out for the awards, send me the following information-
Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Your homepage URL:
The award you are
trying out for:
Why do you think you
deserve this award?

My e-mail address is:

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