Wernesties: The Allies of the Gremlins

The Wernesties are even more hideous and frightening than the Gremlins. Wernesties are 14 foot tall- they look like giant Earth bugs, only a Wernestie has long sharp claws, and dangerously long sabre teeth. They don't have any special powers, all they mainly do is try to conquer other planets. The Gremlins fell for the Wernesties' trick. Gremlins still don't know that if the Wernesties do conquer Fanartsca and add it to their Wernestarian Empire, they will destroy the Gremlins also, or just make them slaves. If I were to describe the personality of a Wernestie, this is what I would tell you: They are pure evil. Hatred stares you in the face when you look at them. Your heart stops when they approach. Wernesties care nothing about anything or anyone. They have no friends or feelings. They'd kill their own mother for a 2 latrec (meters in human measurement) piece of land. Their mothers would do the same! Wernesties have no real brain of their own. When they are born, a metal chip is implanted in the back of their brain. They livea mostly army-military type of life; the metal chip in their head gives them information about rules of their race and how to live 30 years ahead of their time! We have captured a Wernestie and found out what their weakness is. Sugar. Earth sugar. I myself, think that is peculiar, I mean, I happen to enjoy the taste of it. When the sugar in anyway comes in contact with a Wernestie, they automatically start to spasm and spit up... it is a very gruesome sight. If you give them caramel, they spasm and die.

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