Unlike the Pegasus, Unicorns are native to Fanartsca. The Unicorns have always been good, kind-natured creatures. In our world, there are 2 breeds of unicorns. They are the Phosphorescent Unicorns and the Phillene Unicorns. The Phosphorescent Unicorns glow during the Aurora Northern Lights. Yes, we have the Northern Lights here, also. But, our lights are much more magnificent and spectating. These unicorns are also pure white, with clear, reflecting, eyes. They are 9ft tall, with powerful flanks, and a muscular body. Their horn is what really captures your sight. It is 2 and a half feet tall and is spiraled to the tip.

The Phillene Unicorns are very unique creatures. They are 9ft tall, white-furred, and have a sky blue mane & tail. What is very intereesting about them is that they have wings! The truth is, they are not full-blood unicorns; they are a hybred of Pegasus and Unicorn. When Pegasus arrived, there was just one breed of Unicorn: The Phosphorescent Unicorn. They then mixed and the Phillene Unicorn was formed. Its horn is 3 ft tall! Both of these unicorns do not have blood that flow through their veins. These mysterious beings have pure light... lovely light in their veins. It is much more powerful than the blood we use.

There have been beings (unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons, humans, etc.) to enter my Unicorns Page!

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