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Cool & Awesome Poems!

Welcome to my page where I have a list of poems about Unicorns, Pegasus, and Dragons. Feel free to look at them and even tell me what you think about them. Also, if you know any more poems, please send them to me!

The UnicornWilliam Jay SmithThe discription of the graceful unicorn
Riddle of the White BeastMyra Cohn LivingstonA fast riddle with an easy answer
The Paint BoxE. V. RieuA dialogue poem between a painter and a customer... guess what the customer wants!
The UnicornShel SilverstineThis is a unique poem, it has Noah & the Ark in it
Dream DragonSilver Storm CallerA person calls and describes their "Dream Dragon" ride.
Dragon of OldSilver Storm CallerThis person describes their Dragon of old; its like a sequel to "Dream Dragon".
Dragon SaviorIngrid KlevasA dragon is caputured by the devil but then he is set free... This is a highly recommended poem to read!
PegasusPatrick KavanaghA man is trying to sell a horse... the horse turns into something beautiful in the end.
The Unicorn Ella YoungThe Unicorn is beings described, than is seen by the way the town folk do.
Where Do Unicorns Go? From: The Last UnicornThis poem states the many places a Unicorn could be when we do not see him.
The Last Unicorn From: The Last UnicornThis poem describes the Unicorn in the movie: The Last Unicorn.

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