Dragon    Savior

Being led through the gates of hell,
Into the damnation, where demons dwell
The dragon fierce, his head does hang,
For him no death angels sang.

He is led by the devil herself,
No longer does he fly with stealth.
On a chain, forged of darkness,
He is drawn to a desolate starkness.

His wings bound, his fire stolen,
His revenge will be no small token.
The devil will die, and he shall do it,
The fire of his anger is lit.

Him sent here was an err.
Heaven, truly he should be there.
Never did he rape or pillage,
He lived peacefully with the village.

Never a bitter word did he mutter,
Until this Satan came to cut her.
He shielded her, from the evil's way
And now was given hell to pay.

He'd become the devil's pet,
Straight to work he was set.
Until the day a god was found
Breaking into this fortress sound.

"He is mine!" he told the devil.
And she laughed of pure evil.
"We shall see, my godly friend,
In a fight, to your end".

The chains were broken, by a sudden force,
Of power and the dragons voice.
From the darkness forged chains,
The dragon's freedom it did regain,

He rose high on far spread wings.
Out of the cavern's pyrogenous rings.
The godly savior cheered his flight,
The devil cried with outraged might.
He is free, and so shall remain.
The dragon's savior spoke again.
"Perhaps". The devil's voice was tried.
Still, she feared the savior didn't lie.
--Ingrid Klevas

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