King of the Sky

Pegasus the wonderful winged beauty of the skies,
So beautiful does he fly.
With the two wings that he has,
How lovely does he pass.

Gorgeous buttercup flowers that smell so sweet,
Grow to cushion his enlightened feet.
Birds of all colors flutter at his presence,
And watch him as he lifts to depart.

Pegasus is the Wind's Spirit
The Sun's Ray
The Moon's Beam
He's always the light in those that believe.

At my bedroom window do I call
"Pegasus, King of the Sky,
Come for me to ride
Through the skarlit dark of night
When my mother is sleep and tight."

Silver wings of glitter and magic
Golden hooves of reflecting light,
Large clear eyes blue night does shine.
His pure heart lets him fly so high.

Silver majesty that meets me at my window,
Picks me up on moonbeam nights.
Flying gracefully through warm currents,
Radiating tranquility through my body.

Pure white clouds that pass us by,
Serene surroundings is what is seen.
As our trip does come to an end
And we decide to settle in,
I watch Pegasus go.

Rays of warmth and Love
Shine in his wings,
As he turns into a beautiful Dove.

Thank you for reading this poem!

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