Pegasus' did not originate in Fanarstca. They were actually teleported from Earth to Fanartsca. Long ago, about 5 million BC, god and goddesses ruled Earth. There were also monsters then too. One such monster was the Medussa. She was very tall, with an ugly face and snakes for hair. In fact, she was so hideousthat when mortals looked at her, they turned to solid stone. One day, a man named Perseus came with winged sandals, a sword, and a mirror to kill Medussa. He used the mirror to see her reflection, not her actual face. When he beheaded her, a winged-horse sprouted from her blood. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, took in the horse and named him Pegasus. He lived for millions of more years, but when the gods & goddesses fell, much evil approached.

People started to hunt down Pegasus, but, just before he was captured, he cried out to the heavens, "Why?" They then opened a doorway infront of him. Pegasus jumped into the wormhole and flew across space, and across demensions. After hours of whirling, spinning, and flying, another doorway opened up and he was thrown into a new world: Fanartsca. He was introduced by dragons, unicorns, and other small creatures. He then mixed with some of the unicorns and new breeds of Pegaasus were created.

Now there are but 5 breeds of Pegasus; we do not breed with different species anymore. Those 5 breeds are: Spiral Pegasus, Emerald Pegasus, Ringed Pegasus, Brackthroi Pegasus, and Malsequin Pegasus. Us Spiral Pegasus have whit fur, turquoise hooves, and we are 9 ft tall. I know what you're thinking, why am I so different frm my own breed? Well, I am supposed to have a special gift... it is my mission to find out what it is and use it against the Gremlins. Emerald Pegasus are all dark green. The only difference in their color is a white blob on their chest. These Pegasus' are 8 and a half feet tall.

Ringed Pegasus and Brackthroi Pegasus are both a deep crimson color and 8 feet tall. The only difference is that the Ringed Pegasus have black rings on their wings. Malsequin Pegasus are the most unique of all, they have 4 wings! They also come in a variety of colors... did I forget to mention they are 10 feet tall?


Pictures of Pegasi:

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