My Best Friend: Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is the young girl whom I met during my visits to Earth. She is the girl in the picture above. When I first teleported to Earth (your time), I saw her walking through the woods looking very sad and destressed. I was still in my Pegasus natural form, about to shift to human, when she caught a glimpse of me between her tears. I found this hard to believe, but she was not frightened of me, a nine foot tall winged horse! She got off the rock she was sitting on and walked up to me. I took several cautious steps back, but she kept inching towards me. I finally stopped and let her touch the side of my muzzle. Her hazel eyes sparkled and glittered as I'd never seen before.

She then exclaimed, "What a beautiful winged horse!"

She paused, then added, "You're a Pegasus aren't you?"

Since I knew over 900 trillion languages, including all the languages of Earth, I understood her.

I neighed and replied, "That I am."

Then I added, "Hop on."

This surprised me even more, she did without hesitation! Of course I had to kneel my lowest for her to reach me. She was on'ly 5'3, you see why now. I galloped, then lifted myself in the air. As we sailed through the air, I began questioning her,

"What is your name?"

"Gwen. Well, Gwendolyn- but I prefer Gwen! What is your name?"

I answered, "I have not a name."

I could feel Gwen's surprise, "Oooh."

"Who are your parents, Gwen?" She then lowered her head on my mane and sighed. I gave her some time because I could feel wet, salty droplets on my neck. After a while, she said chokingly,

"They- were- killed... in battle- against an evil- force."

"Oh I'm sorry, Gwen," I said, trying to be comforting.

"Then, where is your home?"

"Well, my parents' home was in China, but they immigrated to America. My mom died having me, and my father was not there at the hospital when I was born. So, my godparents named me Gwendolyn."

"Oh, I see." I thought out loud.

"So, where do you live?"

I hesitated, for I wasn't supposed to reveal my home to alien life forms. But, for some unknown reason, I trusted her and replied, "Fanartsca."

"Huh?" she exclaimed.

"A place in the sixth dimension, and trillions of light-years away from here."

She seemed puzzled then questioned me, "But if you're six dimensional, why are you three dimensional now?"

"Well, it is hard for me to explain, about the only thing I can tell you about that is... I shifted into three dimensions. If I had remained 6-D, I would have been smashed and killed."

"Oh," she said astonishally.

We conversed for a while telling of our worlds. Day by day we would. I'd begun to become fond of her, and she said I was her friend. One day she took off a sterling silver chain with a huge aquamarine gem on it. She said it was passed down from her family, generation, to generation. She wanted me to have it. My eyes glowed by the magnificent mystery of the gem. I bowed to let her slip the chain around my neck. She smiled, then exclaimed, "I have a name for you!" She could sense my wonder then happily said, "I name you Aquamarine Angel." I fluttered my wings, neighed, and reared up. I felt proud to be Named.

I then told Gwen I wanted to take her to my magical land, Fanartsca. She eagerly hopped on my back while I bent over. A wormhole portal opened in front of us and I jumped through. The wormhole closed, and we were tossing, spinning, and flying through time, space, and dimensions. It was a very complex wormhole for me to open; it always makes me tired. I practically fell out of the opening portal to Fanartsca.

We landed in the woods. I knew it was very dangerous, for we were in Gremlin Territory. I was so tired that I fell asleep instantly. Gwen also fell asleep against my wings. Meanwhile, as we slumbered, the Gremlins had been watching. When they were sure we were asleep, they stole Gwen from me!

When I woke, a ring of Phosphorescent Unicorns stood around me. On the back of one of them was Gwen. She lay limp and pale. I neighed and ran over to her, just to discover that she was dead. The unicorn that carried her told me that the Gremlins had killed her because she was my friend.

I became super-hot; and my silver mane, tail, and wings turned gold. My aqua-eyes turned crimson & bloodshot, and my fur was golden-yellow. I trumpeted so loud it was like a roar! Then I flew off. I forget what happened after that, my anger took over me. I still mourn over Gwen, but I've moved on, I wear the necklace she gave to remember the happy times we had together.


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