The Gremlins are the evil of Fanartsca. They live inside certain trees and caves. They are 4 feet tall, have dark green-muddy colored fur, and long pointed ears. Their eyes are saggy and filled with mischief. They also have short, stubby, legs with long, fungy, toenails. 2 horns grow from their cheeks, they are wickedly curved upwards to resemble a demon.

Gremlins have 1 major power- they can produce spells and potionsof evil to commit dirty tricks. The only things that can kill a Gremlin are: the Phosphorescent Unicorn when it glows during the Aurora Northern Lights, the Crystal Dragon's, Oxygen Wind, and the breath of a Spiral Pegasus. Everything else (i.e. alicorn powers, dragon strength) will not kill them, just damage them, sometimes severely. You would wonder why Gremlins aren't just endangered. Well, it's finding the Gremlins and avoinding their traps that's a problem. Gremlins are excellent at camouflague and hiding the existence of their spells. The only thing that can break a spell or trick, or disenable it, is the power of an alicorn (a unicorn's horn).

There have been beings interested in learning about Gremlins

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