Fanartsca: The World of Illusions

Fanartsca is a "magical" land, as Gwendolyn (the young girl I met in Earth) would describe it. We have 1 large sun; it is a red giant and is closer to our planet than the sun on Earrth is. We have 2 moons that are even closer to our world- 5 times as close. Our land is full of wonderful animals: Unicorns, Pegasus', Dragons, Philemiesers, and such. I do not want to mention the Gremlins. We have a wide variety of plant life, and large lucious forests. Unlike your Earth ones. I always wonder, why do your kind destroy the forest? It puzzles me very much! A major difference about our world and yours is that we have 6 demensions. I am 6-D, and and so are all the other living things here. Anything that would be 2-D for you, would be 5-D for us. 1-D for you? 4-D for us! We are also in a different time stage and trillions of light-years away from you. That makes it extremely difficult for non-Fanartscian beings to come. It is even tough for us to leave our world and go to yours. If I were to go to Earth, I always change myform to 3-D. I wouldn't be able to survive in such low, Earth demensions. On Fanartsca, 60% of our planet is land, and 30% is water. The 10% that is left, we call Nojorin. It is the Nothingness caused by the Gremlins. If you move into the Nojorin, your heart will stop, your blood will boil, and eventually, you will explode. Because inside there, there is nothing; no air, gravity, or balance. The Gremlins created this, by making a series of potions and many chemicles. They mixed all of them together and the land exploded. The Gremlins working on the project died also in this incedent.

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