The Dragons of Fanartsca are the most powerful of the creatures here. They come in many breeds. The one shown is the red lava dragon. There are also 6 more: Grand Peak Dragons, WolfHide Dragons, Crystal Dragons, Yashamutzi Dragons, and Galashat Dragons. These dragons are all kind and use their powers for good use. The Red Lava Dragon uses its power for making lava only to make land in which to stay and dwell. The Wolf Hide Dragon uses its feirceness only to protect the creatures of Fanartsca from the evil demon Gremlins. The Crystal Dragons use their powers of wind only to produce more oxygen when needed (the Gremlins use carbon dioxide and often try to capture all the oxygen with their spells to kill all good life on Farnatsca).

The Yashamutzi Dragons use their powers nature only to balance the forces out. The Galashat Dragons have no real powers but soem say every 4000 years, they grow superior and take over much of the land... that is still only thought to be a legend. I know you are wondering why I skipped the Great Peak Dragon, well, there is only one of him, he rules all of Fanartsca, he is not like a king, emperor, or ruler, not even a god. It is just our nature for him to be the Superior Being. All of these dragons have a special place in our world, and our known mostly as the Protectors.

There have been beings that came to seek information on the dragons.

Thanks for Viewing the Dragons!

Dragon Images:

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