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Adopted Unicorns

Well, I finally did it! I adopted some Unicorns! I adopted a LOT too! Well, here they are, some of them have names and their stats listed, and yet, some don't! This page is still under construction, for I have e-mailed a lot of poeple and I am waiting to receive those unicorns still! Well, here they are!

This is my Heart Unicorn, her name is Antoinette.

This is my Hatchling! Her name is Marie Minette.

I adopted a whole family of unicorns! They were getting ready to be shot, so I had to do something to save them! They just had a baby as you can see! The female's name is Nessie, the male's name is Raphael, and they named their baby Katerina!

This little Unicorn here is Leigherin. She was just born and is always crying! She's still sweet though.

These are my dear unicorns' jewels. I bought these for them to show them how much I care for them. Please do not steal them!

This little girl is Asmariel. She is very special to me and often sits on my back while we fly through the skies.

For all of you that have visited my Other Cyberpets page before and saw the "Mystery Egg", I have news for you! The egg hatched! It turned out to be a male Unicorn, his name is Tigrett. Isn't he just handsome?

Say "Hello!" to Selena!

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